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Perfect for collecting dirt and  Floor Sweeping Compounds. Sprinkle these compounds over floors before sweeping to absorb dirt and dust. Petroleum-based compounds contain wood fiber  Sweeping Compound Application Reduces Dust From. Soiled Floors Within Enclosed Operator Cabs. Objective. To reduce dust generated from soiled floors   Item Name: Waxine Dustlesss Sweeping Compound.

Sweeping compound

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Floor Sweeping Compound is a ZEP 800 oz. Floor Sweeping Compound is a oil-based, all-purpose, nonpetroleum formula that captures dust and debris on hard floors. ZEP Floor Sweep is made with renewable oils designed to hold down dust on floors while sweeping. Compound adheres to dust particles making them easier to be removed.

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Sweeping compound is a janitorial and cleaning crews’ best friend with its dust-free floor cleaning and non-messy disposal. More specifically, sweeping compound is basically wood shavings that have been dried out and ground up in order to become porous enough to absorb either wax or oil. KleenSweep is an premium sweeping compound, it’s patented formula blends together the highest quality and uniform sized raw materials. It is oil free making it safe for the environment and hard surface flooring.

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Capturing all of the debris within the compound results in a cleaner floor and prevents the inhalation of irritable dust while sweeping. Made from recycled content and contains no petroleum ingredients. Safe for all floors and performs better than traditional oil-based sweeping compounds. Sweeping compounds are ideal for for collecting and keeping dust and dirt down while sweeping in work areas. Colored compounds promote visibility, resulting Sweeping compounds work great for collecting and trapping dirt and dust on hard-surface floors while minimizing inhalation.

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Sweeping compound

ZEP Floor Sweep is made with renewable oils designed to hold down dust on floors while sweeping.

They can help hold dirt to the ground while an area is being swept. They also help to keep particles from rising into the air, which minimizes the possibility of harmful dust inhalation.
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Does not mat together or cling to brush or floor. Call for Pricing. Results 1 - 1 of 1 A sweeping compound consisting essentially of sawdust, sand, water, and an effective amount of a super-absorbent polymer, said compound being resistant to evaporation of the water. 2. The sweeping compound of claim 1 wherein the super-absorbent polymer constitutes at least about 0.25% of a total weight of the compound.

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Oil. This is one of the most important ingredients that will determine the effectiveness of the collection of dust and Wax. This is another very constituent of sweeping compounds. Some formulas list paraffin wax as an ingredient, which is melted in small quantities in the hot paraffin oil. The wax is intended to improve the dust-gathering properties of the sawdust and oil. Sweeping compounds are usually colored with low-cost dyes, such as vermillion, bluing, and Fullers earth . Uline stocks a wide selection of sweeping compounds. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping.

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